The Students of LWS will donate masks to the American police

We as students, teachers, management, and parents of Living Word Shanghai aspire to be excellent global citizens and strive to act in a socially responsible manner when said actions are necessary in society. Due to the current global Covid-19 crisis we have the opportunity to prove our capability as excellent global citizens by assisting in providing much needed medical supplies (masks)to first responders that risk their lives fighting this disease.




The masks will go to the Florida State Troopers (Police) who are considered essential personal and needed to assist medical officials in the global fight against Covid-19 virus. These officers assist directly in helping operate drive-through Covid-19  testing centers throughout the state of Florida.


Donating directly to a hospital is difficult as they need to confirm the authenticity of the medical supplies (certificates and factory information) prior to them being able to use it. Other first responders like police don’t have such strict regulations in order to use the donated materials.






The Key Club and Global Sustainer will be assisting in running this donation drive. Helping disseminate information and help ensure that the vital supplies can reach their intended user. Each grade level will also have a student leader to help inform other students and parents of the donation drive that is occurring. These student leaders are:

Grade 9:

Austin Zhang 

Grade 10:

Tony Chen

Grade 11:

Andy Shen

Grade 12:

Crystal Zhang



To make the donation drive a bit more interesting we will make a friendly competition out of the donation drive with two competitions.

1.School Management vs. Students

2.Each grade level competing against each other.



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