Here comes the first admission notice for 2019 graduates of LWS



Yesterday, all the teachers and students of the LWS welcomed the first admission notice of 2019 graduates, LWS students lived up to our expectations! In grade 12, Bob Bao has been firmly elected by University of Massachusetts Amherst computer major admission!





At the same time, He also got USD14000 scholarship every year! Handed in a satisfactory answer paper to the school and parents.It is reported, its computer major is one of the top 20 majors in America.




University of Massachusetts Amherst is the bottom guarantee school of Bob Bao. I believe he will do his best to sprint for a higher target University and achieve better results in the following days.

All the teachers and workers of LWS feel happy for Bob Bao, We wish you a bright future and success in your overseas study!

We protect every student's dream of studying abroad with our major, take good careof every family's expectation, and prove the strength of LWS with our scores!


Bob Bao received the admission notice of his favorite school early. In addition to his own hard work, the school's overseas study guidance service also contributed!

LivingWord’s “Yale Training Program” 

Makingfull use of time, making a good plan for studying abroad, and grasping keypoints of the application are the key factors for the success of applying for afamous university. The Yale Training Program at Living Word means that from thebeginning of 9th grade, Living Word Shanghai formulates acomprehensive overseas application program for students. Every student must sethis or her goals in advance, make a study plan, take action, with monthlypersonal assessment and review. We help our students realize their dreams ofstudying abroad!




College Application Center

Withmore than 20 years’ experience in partnership with Global Education Alliance, seniorstudy abroad consultants reside in the schools to establish a CollegeApplication Center. The center helps and guides students during the universityapplication process, designs a comprehensive study abroad plan, and follows up withthe application process. In the past three years, with the help of universityapplication centers, Living Word Shanghai has successfully sent waves ofstudents to their favorite foreign universities.




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