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At Living Word Shanghai, we firmly believe that each and every student is a unique individual with different learning needs and academic goals. There are distinguished differences among each child at Living Word, and the school respects individual personalities. Our priority is to ensure that every student receives the most personalized education that fits everyones needs.


In the last article, we learned about the mentality of winning Emery's admission in tennis. In this article, let's look into the outstanding graduates who have won the admission offers to eight famous universities!



LWS Excellent Graduate

G12 马思语 Irene 

School performance: average GPA 4.05

Third language: Spanish

School club experiences and club positions: President of ORBIS club, club officer of Student Union and vice president of student union

Elective courses: Psychology, Calculus, Chemistry

Honors: Junior National Honor Society Award (2 times), academic excellence of AP calculus and global collaboration, intermediate professional level of ballet imperial examination


梦校:Northeast University TOP40

Northeastern University, University of Washington, Pennsylvania State University, University of California Irvine, University of California Santa Cruz, University of California Davis, Rutgers University, University of Miami. The admission of these renowned schools was offered to Irene ma. Eventually she selected Northeastern University and chose Psychology as her major.


As one of the top universities in the United States, Northeastern University is known for its extensive researching facilities, vibrant campus experience, and strong networks in international cooperation. The university is located in Boston, the capital of Massachusetts in northeast of the United States. It is a famous private research university in the United States. With a global recognition, the school brings together elites from 122 countries around the world, leading the world in practical learning, interdisciplinary research and community participation.


The best schools for internships / career services published by Princeton Review, Northeastern University ranked first in the United States for several consecutive years. In the year 2020 U.S. News coops / internships ranking, Northeastern University also ranked first in the United States. At Northeastern University, students receive a wealth of work experience before obtaining their degrees. More than 90% of Northeastern University undergraduates have completed at least one co-op in their undergraduate career, and have had the opportunity to cooperate with 3153 employers from around the world.



Q: Why did you choose Northeast University in the end?

A: Because I like Boston metropolitan city, and in northeastern, I will have the opportunity to participate in the co-op project and intern in the world's top fortune 500 companies. I think the advantage is that we can learn more and gain a lot from such a platform. So I chose to apply for it as ED2 at the beginning, and I was very lucky to be accepted, so I chose to go to northeastern.


Q: What is your major in the University and why did you choose this major?

A: When I was young, I would enjoy reading books about psychology and psychology of the police. Some people find ways to relieve themselves from stress, but a good friend of mine had social anxiety as she was unable to find a way to resolve. I'm worried that she doesn't know what to do for him. So I decided to study psychology in the future, so that I can help people with the same problems. Obviously, the courses offered by LWS have also become a good booster, so that I can get access to psychology related courses in high school and decide my major.


Q: In the four years of studying at LWS, what was the biggest help to further your education?

A: I think LWS has directly impacted my social life and brought cultural experiences that I can't learn from books. LWS allowed me to be a confident person and overcome my fear of public speaking to make election speeches in front of the entire school. LWS encouraged me to find humor in social settings and become a person who loves to have a laugh. I became the kind of person that takes initiative in participation and the type that engages in projects to improve campus life. LWS has helped me tailor personal goals based off my interests and hobbies. The wide range of courses offered by LWS gives me the opportunity to find the right major I want to study in the future, and I no longer feel conflicted. LWS has made me more mature through clubs and activities, and helped me learn how to plan and hold large-scale events and the importance of having a leadership.


Q: What do you think is your biggest bright spot or specialty? What makes many universities offer you an offer?

A: I think the highlights that stood out from my application were a good GPA standing, and strong extracurricular experience. During school, I tried to maintain a GPA above 3.9, complete all assignments on time that were high quality, and carefully reviewed material before each exam. In extracurricular activities, I actively participated in community activities, joined the student union, and left an ample amount of time for personal interests, hobbies, and self-improvement. It was precisely because of this experience that I was recognized by so many renowned universities.


Q: What was the most positive impact you had in your high school?

A: The activities at LWS are rich and abundant. The most impressive ones would be the annual spring outing in Chongqing. This week, we put aside our studies and enjoyed the pleasure of team building with friends and staff members. Of course, I must share the days in the student union. How can I forget staying up late to make poster plans and using blood, sweat, and tears with the school for the students' rights and interests. I not only gained experience in the student union, but it also helped me establish rapport with a large number of contacts at school. I worked with junior and senior students in Grade 9 and built friendly relations with students in grade 12. Looking back, the student union has really given me a lot of valuable experiences.


Q: What special experiences and insights can you share when preparing for the SAT and TOEFL?

A: Learning practice for the most part is challenging for international students, but it is also the fastest way to improve one’s language ability. From the initial challenges to mastering speech, I truly learned the art of speaking. I had an optimistic attitude towards correcting my attitude towards learning and studying for such lengthy and quite often dull tests, and setup learning goals and plans. I properly combined my sections from listening and writing with the rest to strategize my study habits. If you ever have a mental block, you can try to communicate with teachers, parents and classmates, discuss learning methods, examination arrangements or share your mood so you do not have to feel emotionally exhausted. Before the exam, try to relax, then skim through too many questions, but review the knowledge points, go to bed early, and the next day you can take the test at your best ability. A minute of hard work reaps a grain of harvest, and studying can always harvest good results.


Q: How did you learn?

A: My study habit is to finish the homework as soon as possible, not to procrastinate, because I am a person with a quick temper. If I don't finish the homework as soon as possible, I can't concentrate on other things. However, as soon as possible does not mean that work is finished hastily, but the quality of the work should be guaranteed. So I'm used to going through the homework requirements put forward by the teacher in class before doing the homework, and list the homework and goals to be completed today on paper or mobile phone, so that your organization and thinking will become very clear when you do your homework. I think developing this habit will help your study and life in college in the future. In this way, you will not have to worry about writing when the deadline is approaching in the future. Planning as soon as possible and implementing as soon as possible is my learning aim.




Q: Finally, I will give some advice to my younger brother and younger sister

A: High school life is beautiful, we should cherish the present time, grasp the opportunities provided by the school to everyone to accumulate experience and exercise abilities. Make an early determination of your own goals and major you want to study in the future. This way, you can choose the courses that are most suitable for you. This is very helpful for maintaining a GPA. I think hobbies are the biggest booster for learning. Learning what you like should be dynamic. In the standardized test, I think the experience and knowledge in the early stages are very important. After class, everyone should spare a portion of the time reading English books, which will greatly enhance vocabulary skills. For university applications, I think it is very important to find a university that suits you. This will add your chances of being admitted, and help expand chances for your application documents. We cannot completely depend on the University Application Center, after all, it is just consulting and what’s more important is to exercise your own ability.



Looking back on her past achievements, Irene is very appreciative of the teachers for their meticulous cultivation and the opportunities provided by the school. Her persistence and good learning habits helped her form a bond with the school, and in the end she successfully entered the doors of her dream school. I hope that in the future, you will also like her, overcome the difficulties, forge ahead, and successfully reach your dreams.

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