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AP is a prerequisite course for many American universities. It is challenging but has high credibility. At present, nearly 3600 universities in more than 50 countries have recognized AP credits as a part of their admission criteria, including Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge and other world famous universities. Outside the United States, universities in Canada, Germany, Australia and other countries also generally accept and recognize AP courses and credits.

Therefore, after taking AP courses in Living Word Shanghai, world-famous universities will more readily recognize the students work and it can play a significant role in helping their university applications. With her own efforts, she won the favor of six top universities in Britain and America, and finally went to the University of Toronto in Canada.




LWS Excellent Graduate

G12 翁跃 Lucy 

School Performance: GPA 4.0

Third Language: Korean

Clubs: Chemistry Handicrafts Club, Movie Club

Elective Courses: AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, AP Computer Science, AP Literature


梦校:University of Toronto TOP1

She was awarded offers from University of California – Davis, and University of California – Irvine, Case Western Reserve University, Lehigh University, University of British Columbia, and University of Toronto. Six offers to six world renowned schools. In the end she went with the excellent —University of Toronto.


The University of Toronto, founded in 1827, is located in Toronto, the largest city in Canada. It is a world-famous public university known for its research and a world-renowned top university. Its main campus is located in the center of Toronto. The campus is surrounded by the Ontario Government Building and the Queen's Park. The University of Toronto has high-level scientific research facility, strong and experienced faculty, using the latest teaching methods and advanced teaching materials, all with world-class teaching equipment. It is recognized as one of the best universities in Canada for its’ comprehensive strength. With its size, prestige and influence, the University of Toronto has attracted top students from Canada and around the world.



Q: Why did you choose University of Toronto in the end?

A: I like the atmosphere of Canada very much. Although there have people from all over the world, everyone will maintain a friendly relationship. The engineering major that I enrolled in is ranked #1 in Canada. I believe that studying in such a school is not only about learning knowledge from books, but also obtaining top-notch educational resources. The PEY internship program provided by the University of Toronto can help international students’ better combine their knowledge and practical work experience so that students will enjoy themselves in their future work. The University of Toronto was the first school to send me an offer. I think this might also be a special kind of fate, so I finally chose to go with the University of Toronto.


Q: What is your major and why did you choose this major?

A: My major is material science engineering. Originally, I liked chemistry very much and hope to engage in related work in the future, and then I noticed material engineering in the process of determining my major. I believe strongly that in the future one of the most urgent needs is medical resources, and there is a branch of materials engineering that studies biomaterials. I think this is a very interesting field, which may be of great help to medical care in the future, so I finally decided to choose this major.

Q: During your two years of studying in Living Word Shanghai, what do you think was the most helpful for your applications?

A: First of all, the academic level of the coursework was very helpful. The AP courses of Living Word Shanghai greatly reduced the time I needed to prepare for AP exams. Many key points can be mastered and applied in class. During my summer vacation, I had a chance to start taking college credit courses. I found that it’s not that difficult to fully understand the professor’s lessons. In high school, I was accustomed to English lecture styles and had mastered the relevant basic knowledge. So I don’t have to worry about my freshman year at university since there won’t be language or understanding barriers. At the same time, my Living Word counselor gave me a lot of help during the application process. I was at loss when I first experience the application. Thanks to the methodical help of the counselor, I was able to submit the materials required by each school on time and received good offers.

Q: What do you think is your biggest strength or specialty? What makes many universities choose you to give an offer?

A: First is that my GPA and standard testing scores meets the requirements of the university. The second is my enthusiasm and love for my selected professional field. I have expressed my interest in engineering and the confidence that I can study these subjects in the application during my interviews. These should be traits that universities appreciate very much.


Q: What about your high school, Living World Shanghai, has impressed you the most?

A: I think what impressed me the most was the change in the learning method. I transferred from a traditional Chinese high school to Living Word’s American AP-standard curriculum. In the original learning atmosphere, there was only teacher teaching lectures and no discussion session. I was not used to converting what I heard in class immediately into my own ideas and expressing them to my peers. In Living World Shanghai, there are a lot opportunities in group discussions to express my opinions. Compared with classes of just copying the notes all the time, I learned how to think critically and how to express my thoughts on a certain problem properly.

Q: Can you share any special experiences and tips when preparing for the SAT and TOEFL tests?

A: When I first got involved with these two exams, I was very impatient with long articles. When I saw one or two long sentences could not be understood, I gave up the whole article and started to guess the answer. In fact, after the improving my vocabulary, it is easier to understand most of the content by learning to analyze the structure of sentences. When preparing for the TOEFL listening test, I will adjust my listening to 1.25 times the speed to adapt to the fast speaking rate of listening. And I think that we should not apply for exams too intensely, it will cause a lot of pressure and you cannot fully prepare for any exam. English is a process of accumulation. There was a one-year interval between my two TOEFL exams, but after learning the SAT and gradually accumulating more vocabulary at the same time, my score improvement was incredible. Finally, testing skills can be used appropriately to get a more perfect score.



Q: How do you usually learn?

A: I will plan my study times in advance. I will list a timetable for what to do at a certain time and implement it strictly. During the study time, I will not be distracted by my mobile phone. After completing two or three plans, you can relax for a period of time. The combination of work and rest will not let you feel too much study pressure, and you will feel that completing the plan is a sense of accomplishment.

Q: Finally, let's give some advice to the younger students

A: The university application preparation time is stressful. When preparing for standardized tests study hard and do not leave regrets. When choosing a major, you must do thorough research and investigation. Some majors have similar names but completely different directions. If you decide on your favorite major as soon as possible, persistently carry out related content activities, and show different perseverance when applying. Although there are various factors, the most important thing is the school's course performance. Only if you maintain a high GPA can you have the keystone to college application.



International schools are different from schools within the Chinese system, both in teaching and in teaching materials. Her first setback in the international school was English. However, Lucy was not discouraged. Although she did not adapt easily to the English textbooks and classroom teaching in the international school, she was motivated to work harder. The good learning atmosphere and the mutual communication between her classmates also helped her to quickly get comfortable to the international school classroom. She quickly found her own way and made her own path, so that she could get closer to her goal.

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